Gas Chamber

Disparity does not exist only in terms of wealth, but also quality of indoor air in living space. Varsity looks into how poor indoor air quality is taking a toll on the health of low-income households living in subdivided flats.

Why It’s So Hard to Train Guide Dogs in Hong Kong

There are fewer than 40 serving guide dogs in the city, or around one guide dog for every 4,300 visually impaired people; the International Guide Dog Federation says ideally there should be one guide dog for every 100. It's hard to train more partly because existing laws and regulations only acknowledge the use of guide dogs for the visually impaired, not the trainers.

Hong Kong’s ‘Drifting’ Mainlanders

In recent years, the term 'gang piao', literally 'Hong Kong drifters' has been used to describe the educated young mainlanders who study and then work in Hong Kong. The gang piao identify with and have taken to Hong Kong's culture, language and values to varying degrees. Some mix only with other gang piao and speak Putonghua, while others have learnt Cantonese and find themselves changed by their Hong Kong experience. Varsity hears some of their stories.

A Hong Kong Natural Treasure

The Hong Kong Global Geopark of China is part of the Global Geoparks Network. It will undergo its first midterm assessment by the UNESCO this July. Varsity meets the professionals and people who work at the Geopark to see whether it will keep its place on the list.

Animal Paradise or Prison?

There is greater awareness of animal welfare and rights as groups push for a bill against cruelty to animals in China. But Varsity finds some animals still being kept in cramped conditions and made to perform at a leading Guangdong safari park.

Salon Culture Brews Taiwan Blend Democracy

Taiwan's cafes and bookstores host to a vibrant salon culture that played an important part in the island's democracy and as Varsity discovers, continues to provide a platform for debate today.

Citizen Journalists report the Umbrella Movement

In recent years, the lines between mainstream and alternative media and professional and citizen journalists have become increasingly blurred. The recent Umbrella Movement saw many citizen journalists on the frontline, filing up-to-the-minute reports for various online media. Varsity caught up with some of them.

Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Reporters: Suki Chow, Karen Kwok, Shannon Lam, Oneal Li Alzheimer’s disease, also called senile dementia of the Alzheimer type (SDAT) and primary degenerative dementia of...

Too Bright at Night

Residents and district councillors from areas most affected by light pollution tell Varsity that the voluntary Charter on External Lighting implemented in 2016 is not doing much to ease the problem.

A Blow to Social Enterprises

There are an increasing number of social enterprises in Hong Kong, but a new tender system for rental contracts has made it harder than ever for social enterprises to compete.