A Retirement Protection Plan for All?

The Hong Kong government is defining the debate over a universal pension as one of the elderly against the young. We asked elderly and young Hongkongers to weigh in.

Heritage vs Development in HK’s Walled Villages

Hong Kong's remaining walled villages are an important part of the territory's heritage and history. But should the desire for preservation trump villagers' wishes to redevelop their homes?

Enclaves – the Struggle over Development

The struggle between development and conservation is being played out in some of Hong Kong's most scenic and ecologically valuable spots - in ecological buffer zones called enclaves. These are plots of private land located inside country parks but excluded from their boundaries. We explain what enclaves are, how they came into being and take a look at some of the controversies surrounding their use.

A Hong Kong Natural Treasure

The Hong Kong Global Geopark of China is part of the Global Geoparks Network. It will undergo its first midterm assessment by the UNESCO this July. Varsity meets the professionals and people who work at the Geopark to see whether it will keep its place on the list.
Hong Kong refugee children education

Education for All

Anuj Gurung was born in Hong Kong, so he should have gone to school when he was 6, but he just started this year at the age of 7. This is because he is the son of an asylum-seeker, thus his family had to navigate a maze of red tape to get him to school. NGOs estimate that there are around 500 such children in Hong Kong who would be in the same predicament.

Hong Kong’s Under-Stairs Shops Priced Off the Streets

Under-stairs shops have been a feature of Hong Kong street life since the 1950s. They were popular with small, local businesses because of their cheap rents. But with prices for Hong Kong's retail spaces overtaking New York, these businesses are being forced to move or close for good.

Residents face forced move from Tai O’s Tin Lee House

Tin Lee House in Tai O village is the public housing block with the lowest occupancy rate in Hong Kong, with just 14 households. Now those households, mainly made up of elderly people who lost their former homes in a fire, have been told they must leave because the government wants to sell the flats under the Home Ownership Scheme. Here, the residents tell their stories.

Transsexual Marriage

A landmark case involving W, a transsexual woman who wants to get married in Hong Kong is expected to be heard at the Court of Final Appeal next year. Now, W's story is being dramatised in a musical called "Dream of the Mermaid". Varsity meets members of the production and looks at some of the struggles faced by transsexuals in Hong Kong.

Too Many International School Places

It is a misconception that Hong Kong doesn’t have enough international school places. In fact, there are too many, says Ruth Benny from Top Schools.

Methadone Throws Lifeline to Heroin Addicts

Hong Kong's methadone programme is held up as a model that has worked to prevent the spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS among injecting drug users and assist addicts to lead functional lives. But as the number of heroin users has decreased in the territory, the programme's value has been questioned. Varsity looks at the impact methadone has had as a method of harm reduction.