Why It’s So Hard to Train Guide Dogs in Hong Kong

There are fewer than 40 serving guide dogs in the city, or around one guide dog for every 4,300 visually impaired people; the International Guide Dog Federation says ideally there should be one guide dog for every 100. It's hard to train more partly because existing laws and regulations only acknowledge the use of guide dogs for the visually impaired, not the trainers.

Hidden Histories

Hongkongers are more and more interested in their own history, as we can see in the popularity of local history tours. We look at how the framing of history directly affects how Hongkongers see themselves today.

A Retirement Protection Plan for All?

The Hong Kong government is defining the debate over a universal pension as one of the elderly against the young. We asked elderly and young Hongkongers to weigh in.

Esports in Hong Kong — More Than Just Entertainment

People who play video games professionally are taking advantage of the growing industry in China, Taiwan, and elsewhere in the world, but aspiring pro-gamers in Hong Kong are having trouble catching up to their peers.

Netbars Past, Netbars Future

Netbars, or internet cafes, are struggling to reinvent themselves to stay relevant to loyal and new customers in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong refugee children education

Education for All

Anuj Gurung was born in Hong Kong, so he should have gone to school when he was 6, but he just started this year at the age of 7. This is because he is the son of an asylum-seeker, thus his family had to navigate a maze of red tape to get him to school. NGOs estimate that there are around 500 such children in Hong Kong who would be in the same predicament.
Hong Kong work life balance sunset

To Work or Live?

Hong Kong, where busy people work around the clock, came last in a survey on work-life balance in the Asia-Pacific region. According to a 2015 study by the recruitment agency Randstad, over 70 percent of workers felt they were obliged to take work calls even when they are on holiday. Varsity takes a closer look at the difficulties faced by workers in the city as they try to juggle work and life.
Hong Kong kids healthy diet

Start Early, Eat Smart

Childhood obesity is a serious problem in Hong Kong, and it's getting worse. Meet the schools and healthy food advocates trying to stem the tide, as well as one parent who took a part-time job just so she can cook for her kids.

Hong Kong’s Recycling Business: Recycling More, Earning Less?

Recycling is not a profitable business in Hong Kong anymore. But landfills are filling up, so the government set up a $1-billion recycling fund this year to try and solve the issue before it gets out of control. We look at how the industry works in Hong Kong, and where it could be improved.
Hong Kong private museum Liang Yi

When Private Turns Public

More and more private museums have opened in Hong Kong in recent years. Unlike public museums, many of them showcase very specific interests. In a tiny place like Hong Kong, you can find museums featuring toys, furniture, camera equipment and even fans.