Visible and Vulnerable

The increased visibility of the LGBT community has led more people to support anti-discrimination legislation against sexual minorities, but is society really more accepting of sexual minorities? Varsity looks into the hostility they still face despite their increased exposure.

Sun Sets on Evening Schools

Evening schools have been in decline since the government rolled out its universal education policy. Varsity looks at how the few remaining evening schools struggle to survive - and their importance in providing basic education to those who cannot attend day schools.

The Exploited

The government has been outsourcing public services to cut costs since the 1990s. By 2014, there were almost 60,000 oursourced workers in low-paid jobs such as cleaners and security guards. But as Varsity learns, inadequate protections lead to the widespread abuse of outsourced workers' rights.

Hungry for a decent diet

The word 'hunger' seems out of place in affluent Hong Kong, but research shows many low-income households in the city struggle to get a decent diet. One study found that 40,000 people can't afford to eat three meals a day.

Hard to be a Hyperactive Grown-up

In Hong Kong, society has become far more aware of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, in children. What many are unaware of is the ADHD also affects adults - and delayed diagnosis can leave adults with the condition suffering from low self-esteem and even depression.

Keyboard Fighters and the Online Propaganda Wars

China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong have not gone to actual war, but some online activists are doing it via tens of thousands of propaganda posts instead, some of which have led to actual protests.

Play Safe

Many children in Hong Kong use smartphones and tablets everyday, but unlike cinemas, the Internet is not a space where they can be easily shielded from violent or pornographic content.

Cancer Therapy Effective but out of Reach

Targeted treatments can be more effective than conventional cancer therapies, but that’s only if the patients who need them can afford the cost.

Hong Kong’s Working Homeless

Rent in Hong Kong can be so expensive that some people who have jobs still have to sleep on the streets, while others just find the rules for street sleepers’ hostels inconvenient.

Homemakers Back on the Job Market

Hong Kong’s ageing population means there’s a shortage of labour. Some women who put their work and careers on hold to raise their children want to get back to the workplace, but it’s not always a smooth transition.

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Eating with Caution

With 8 per cent of Hong Kong children suffering from allergies, many parents avoid giving their kids many types of food. Varsity explores why this may not be a good measure and how some allergy tests available in the market are actually useless.

Telling Hong Kong’s Story

The mainland Chinese government is in charge of Hong Kong's foreign affairs, but some Hongkongers think their views are not being represented and have taken on "civic diplomacy" to tell the world about Hong Kong, through organising city tours, as well as musical performances and protests abroad.