Repair to Reduce E-waste

Reducing e-waste can be achieved by independent repair stores despite facing challenges.

In Battle with Meat

Reducing meat consumption is not only beneficial to our health, but also the environment of our world.

Athletes Put out of Court

Kobe Bryant passed away in January 2020 and left behind is his legendary records. Meanwhile, Hong Kong sports development still has a long way to go .

Stress over DSE Delay

DSE candidates of this academic year face unprecedented pressures and fears amid the COVID-19 pandemic and prolonged social movement.

Hostel Shortage

Non-local university students struggle to find a place to stay because of hostel shortage.

Debate over Debating Politics

Schools pulled out of debate contest after pro-Beijing organisations had raised an outcry over the politically sensitive debate motions.

Sign of the Time

Culture conservation groups are working hard to preserve neon signs, which has once been a unique icon of Hong Kong and a major attraction for tourists.

Adopt, Don’t Buy

Pet lovers are encouraged to adopt animals instead of purchasing them. Animal rights concern groups urge the government to put more effort in promoting pet adoption culture,

Yuen Long Has Its Silver Lining

The pro-democratic camp swept through the District Council election 2019 and brings a shift in political power. Varsity looks at how things are changing in Yuen Long District, where the 7.21 incident happened.

Earning A Living In Fear

Domestic helpers stay in Hong Kong to make a living despite fears over the social unrest and the coronavirus outbreak. Varsity explores the concerns of these foreign workers.