A Wanderer’s Story

Traveller Siuming finds meaning of life through her soul searching journeys and charity work abroad.

Telling Stories Differently

Journalist-turned stand-up comedian Ng Ting-ting continues to tell stories in her new role and views her life with new perspectives.

Dedicated to Serving the Minorities

Former social worker Rex Yiu, who recognises himself as a sexual minority, talks about his pains and his service in the Hong Kong LGBT community.

Recording Hong Kong Culture

Vivienne Chow, one of the most well-known cultural journalists in Hong Kong, talks about how she records and preserves local culture through journalism.

Going Green

Former advertising professional Jenny Leung Kit-wah devotes herself in voluntary work that helps protect the environment after several brief yet unusual encounters in her life.

Best of Both Worlds

Veteran professional footballer Jacky Pang Kam-chuen began his second career in Chinese medicine and has now become a successful Chinese tie-da practitioner.

Music beyond Boundaries

Local musician Ng Cheuk-yin develops a long-standing passion for music since childhood. Experimenting with different genres, he combines traditional Chinese and Western music, hoping to present a fresh sound to the local music scene.

Back to the Cold Weapon Era

A former fashion designer Jones Chan Kwok-chung’s love affair with Japanese swordsmanship and how he turned his passion for the Japanese fighting technique into his career.

Becoming Angie Cheong

Beauty queen, actress, businesswoman and mother - Angie Cheong Wai-yee has tackled each role in life with relish. Here, she shares the stories of her journey from Ipoh in Malaysia to Hong Kong and Beijing with Varsity.

Nami – The Chameleon Campaigner

Hong Kong-Nepali university student Nami helps foreign domestic workers to fight for their rights. We talk to the multi-tasking organising secretary of the Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Union and aviation student.