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April 2013 - An Inhabitable City?

The Cost of Hong Kong’s Dirty Air

There is no doubt we have a problem with the air we breathe. Hong Kong's dirty air is costing the territory billions of dollars and driving away professional talent. The government has vowed to tackle roadside pollution by phasing out the most polluting vehicles. But maritime pollution is an even bigger culprit when it comes to some of the major pollutants in the air. As Varsity learns, even shipowners are urging the administration to take tougher action.

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It is a misconception that Hong Kong doesn’t have enough international school places. In fact, there are too many, says Ruth Benny from Top Schools.

Eating with Caution

With 8 per cent of Hong Kong children suffering from allergies, many parents avoid giving their kids many types of food. Varsity explores why this may not be a good measure and how some allergy tests available in the market are actually useless.

Telling Hong Kong’s Story

The mainland Chinese government is in charge of Hong Kong's foreign affairs, but some Hongkongers think their views are not being represented and have taken on "civic diplomacy" to tell the world about Hong Kong, through organising city tours, as well as musical performances and protests abroad.