Time to Watch out

Learn more about the mechanism and meaning behind handmade watches in Hong Kong.

Dodge this!

Find out more about Dodgebee - a new sport that's a cross between frisbee and dodgeball. It's quick to learn, safe to play and doesn't require much space.

Lion Dance Roars on

Lion-dance gets a 21st century makeover in Hong Kong

Colour Your Workout

A new fitness training concept does its best to take your mind off the fact that you’re exercising.

The Great Escape

Form a team with your friends and play a real life escape game in the heart of the city with FreeingHK.

Renaissance in Yim Tin Tsai

Yim Tin Tsai is a village on an island off Sai Kung with a rich Hakka and Catholic history, which was left abandoned for decades. Now, plans are afoot to revive the village and to replace the long neglected salt pans to produce salt, once the mainstay of the village economy.

The Sprouting Postcard

The postcard that turns into a mini garden

The Taste of Childhood

Hong Kong’s traditional Chinese bakeries stay the course despite fierce competition

It Takes Two to Lingo

Varsity checks out a free mobile app that puts the fun back into learning a foreign language.

Accidental Art

Photo enthusiasts create collaborative art across borders with film-swapping.