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Helen Chan

Everyone waits for the marshal to start the countdown.

A grand day of cycling competition
Hip, hip, hooray!

Photos & text by To Shun Kei, Helen Chan & Vien Wong

The Hong Kong Cycling Criterium Race, sponsored by the Hong Kong Cycling Association, held its Race Series One on 15 October 2000 at Victoria Park.

Over 100 riders from the Hong Kong Sports Institute and the open division competed for the championship amid the cheers of the spectators.

Before the races started, riders looked relaxed, as they friendly chatted with each other. Their eyes shone with confidence.

The marshal counted, “Three, two, one, go!?All of them immediately started their engines. With twisted faces and contracted muscles, they sped for the goal.

Victory is glorious!

Vien Wong

The skill in turning is a key to winning.


Helen Chan

A rider speeds up as he
enters the final lap.


Helen Chan

At the starting point, a participant chats and jokes with a competitor.
Helen Chan

A rider climbs a slope with full strength.
To Shun Kei

The cycling competition was not just for men. A female competitor joined the open division and beat several male competitors.
To Shun Kei

A rider makes every effort to turn.