Reading News beyond the Firewall

Mainland students who study outside the Great Firewall of China have different news consumption habits, which influence their views on Hong Kong protests.

In Dialogue with Youths

Aiming to bond with the youth, the government has launched the Member Self-recommendation Scheme for Youth two years ago. Varsity investigates the effectiveness of the scheme.

Short-lived Street Art

People have been creating street art with political messages to express their views during the AntiELAB Movement, but the artworks were usually removed quickly. Varsity talks to local graffiti artists and street artists about why there is limited room for the development of street art in Hong Kong.

Unease Beneath the Black

Throughout the Anti-ELAB Movement in the past few months, protesters are showing a strong awareness of personal data and surveillance concerns. Varsity talks to protesters and experts about privacy issues.

Social Media Empower Social Movement

Telegram and LIHKG, two social media platforms, play a significant role in mobilisation of Hong Kong protesters during the city’s months-long anti-government movement.

Shopping Politically

The protest against Anti-ELAB are escalated from the street to the market, altering consumer behaviour. Varsity talks to one of the “ethical business” shop owners, online shop boycott campaigner and two ordinary consumers to know more about the development and impact of the movement.

From Studio to the Frontline

Dicky Ma, a local freelance portrait photographer records the anti-extradition bill movement through his camera lenses.

Periscope November 2019 – Smoke, Screens and Visions

Hong Kong has been plagued by ongoing “leaderless and be water” protests as protesters plan every rally with a fluid and...

One of a Kind Cassette Player

NIMN Lab kickstarted IT'S OKAY cassette player to bring a new perspective to the romanticism of the 80s cassette player. Varsity talks to the members of NINM Lab about their new product.