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April Issue, 2000     No. LVII

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Students’ activities

Student Unions at some universities face an indifferent crowd, while interest groups and societies receive a warm welcome. Go to article

Student leisure activities prevail
Student participation - Shifting tastes

Social Issues:
Clutching straws to stay in Hong Kong

Some people will go to great lengths to stay in Hong Kong, no matter what the cost is. Go to article

‘Home’ for needy child

Residential care, foster care and adoption aim at helping children in need to lead a better life. Go to article

Farewell to old versions

On its 29th anniversary, it’s time for educational television to say goodbye to its old series. Go to article

Mixed bag of physical education

Physical education does not receive equal emphasis in every secondary school. Go to article

Photo Features:
Post no bills

Walking on the street, it’s difficult to avoid the bills posted on walls, on lampposts or even on ceilings Go to article

Political cartoonists

Political cartoons don’t get the respect they deserve, according to two political cartoonists. Go to article

Local talents on display

Art festivals in Hong Kong are giving more chances for local performers to show their artistic talents. Go to article

Hardness plus softness

Tae-bo is the combination of aerobics, tae kwon do, and dance music. Go to article

Motoring in style

Antique cars should not be merely collected; they belong on the road, too. Go to article

Say no to ‘E’

Ecstasy has no medical value, but it does have dangerous psychological addictive effects. Go to article

Vision and mission

Photojournalists work on the front line. They capture the most decisive moments of news events. Go to article

Adversity crafted his character

Fung Leung Lo shares his philosophy. Experience and adversity have shaped him. Go to article

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Cover Story: Two political cartoonists share their views. Go to article

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Student activities: Some reasons why students join organizations. Go to article

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Photojournalists: Their job is not just taking pictures. Go to article

From the editor:
Keeping Hong Kong clean - No gimmick will do

Letters to the editor

If you had to grade the performance of the Hong Kong media, what grade (from A to F) would you give?

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