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May Issue, 2000     No. LVIII

coveraa.jpg (16565 bytes) Periscope:
Different strategies to win patrons

The springing up of new cinema chains means keener competition among cinemas. Go to article

Fighting in gloomy days
A long and winding road

Social Issues:
Piracy vs. intellectual property

People in Hong Kong are aware of the importance of protecting intellectual property. It has a lot to do with ideology. Go to article

Criticisms stirred over film categorization

The criteria for film categorization provoke controversy. Go to article

Creative shooting

University students express their creativity through the Multi-media Project-based Socio-cultural Education. Go to article

Looking for brighter future

Movie students have few chances to shoot movies after they graduate. Go to article

Photo Features:
Staff photo

Varsity staff gather for their annual staff photo. Go to article

Coming soon

Going to the theatre means more than just seeing a movie. Buying popcorn is mainstay of the cultural experience of moviegoing. Go to article

What dreams are made of

Art directors consider filmmaking a way to demonstrate their abilities and creativity. To them, film is just like a dream workshop. Go to article

Film archive debuts

Old movies never die - they are just shown on the late, late show. But now, the Hollywood of the East finally has its own film archive for local films. Go to article

Mission impossible

Advanced digital computer techniques help shoot scenes are actions that were previously undreamed-of. It is a new trend in the movie industry. Go to article

Unsung heroes

Stuntmen and stuntwomen are the unsung heroes of the movie industry. They help the actors and actresses perform difficult and dangerous tasks. Go to article

Magician, not mimer

A director is the soul of the movie. A good director can turn a bad script to a good story, like some of magic. Go to article

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Periscope: People in the movie industry struggle to survive. Go to article

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Culture: The art director plays an important role in movies. Go to article

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People: Stuntmen perform difficult and dangerous tasks. Go to article

From the editor:
Manichaean journalism

Letters to the editor

Who will win the 2000 European Football Cup?

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