Commuting for a better life
Many people cross the Shenzhen border every day looking for a better life, but frequent commuting is a difficult routine even for the experienced.

Shenzhen children study in Hong Kong

About 5,000 Shenzhen students study in Hong Kong.

Solutions create problems

Why 24-hour operations at immigration counters is not necessarily the solution to crowded checkpoints.
Some Shenzhen students want a Hong Kong education.





Campus Life

Lovers in dorms

Intimate behaviour is common between lovers, but sometimes it may disturb others — especially in dorms.

Social Issue
Alone in the dark
Instead of staying at home, many elderly people are hanging around parks at night to avoid loneliness.
Market tenants suffer
The opening of superstores has pulled potential customers away from traditional wet markets.

Photo Features
Fading from modern life
Traditional herbal teashops that characterized Chinese culture are gradually disappearing.

Flora Chan

Actress Flora Chan says she does not suffer much as a result of her popularity, despite the sacrifices she must make to be in showbiz.
Staying young with plants
Prof. Hiu Shiu Ying is a 93-year-old botanist who still works 10 hours a day; she stays active through her research and a love of nature.

Science & Technology

Artificial intelligence

Technology breakthroughs help investors make better decisions.

Dubbing artists discuss the challenges of their profession.
Choral singers in pop music
Singers backstage make music more harmonic.

Culture & Leisure
Online auctions popular among students
Bidding in online auctions has become a popular activity among college students searching for cheap, trendy second-hand goods.


The Academy for Visual Arts

A proposed Academy for Visual Arts will train professionals for the creative professions.

Flora Chan calls herself a perfectionist first, a star second.
Herbal teashops are fading into history.
Leaning against each others can be commonly found on campuses.
The Academy for Visaul Arts builds a home for the art.