Cover Story
Periscope: SAR historical legacy fading

The Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance has no clear instruction on the classification of monuments. This complicates the preservation of historical buildings.

Different monuments are protected in different ways

Campus and Education
Teaching hotel under construction

A long-awaited teaching hotel finally got under construction at the Chinese University. Students will get hands-on experience in the hospitality industry.
New hostels, new expectations
More students will enjoy hostel life with construction of several new dorms.

Social Issues
Industrial lofts
Empty factories are being converted to artists workshops and entertainment centres because the large spaces and low rents.
The problem of child pornography and sexual abuse is serious, yet the issue is rarely discussed publicly.

Cover story: Redevelopment threatens historical sites.
Photo Feature
War game fever
War game players act out their fantasies in the New Territories, where they can rent equipment at commercial war game sites.
Culture & Leisure
"Beating" someone to improve your luck

"Beating petty persons" is an old ritual practised by people to escape from bad interpersonal relationships and misfortunes.
Skipping over the sea
Being an excellent swimmer or water-skier is not a prerequisite to wakeboarding.
Culture & Leisure: The ritual da siu yahn rids one of misfortune.
The Gay Singers

They sing songs without instrumental accompaniment and seek to bring happiness to
Chapman To talks off air

From being a gambler to an actor and now a radio programme host, Chapman To has turned over a new leaf in life.
To Kit
To Kit experienced cultural differences and saw China.

Science & Technology
Short message s
ervice makes a hit
SMS lets phone users to send short text and pictorial messages when conversation is not convenient; the service has been a big hit in Hong Kong.
Voice browsing technology
Speech and language technologies can follow spoken commands to help searching for information on the Internet.

Photo Features: War games are popular among young people.

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