Cover Story
People: Experience that making life different

Lee Lok Sze is an adventurer. She has travelled around the world and she was the first woman in Hong Kong to reach both the North and South Poles.


Campus and Education
Internships during a bad economy

The economics downturn affects ont only the unemployment rate, but also the student internship programs of universities.
Therapist jobs may be cut

Laws don't protect homosexuals
The Equal Opportunities Commission aims at eliminating discrimination. However, the commission cannot charge anyone for discrimination against homosexuals.
Employment of the disabled
The Code of Practice on Employment encourages hiring the disvantaged.
Education equality faces barriers
Many schools built before 1996 do not have special facilities for disabled students. But not all schools can receive full subsides from the government in building facilities for the disabled.

Cover story: Lee Lok Sze is an artist and adventurer..
Social Issues
Overseas education still popular in Hong Kong
More local students choose to study overseas. Experts comment on this trend.
Hanging out after midnight
"Night drifters" explain their reluctance to stay home at midnight. A new allnight drop-in centre will be built for wayward youths.
Photo Feature
Culure of drama
A photo essay of Beijing opera players.
Culture & Leisure
Old toys fantasy

Old-fashioned toy fanatics make their own childhood's dreams come true.
Sport climbing
Sport climbing is a sport requires clear mind..
Photo Features: Beijing opera players behind the scenes.
Brian Kan just says what he thinks

Architect + Kung fu master + star
Heartthrob Daniel Wu said studying architecture hleped him in his acting.

Science & Technology
Dogs are the best cure

Dogs are ordinary pets. But they are also men's doctor too. Dr. Dog is an animal therapy program which provides help to patients psychologically.

Science & Technology: Dr. Dog plays a role in animal therapy.

From the Editor
Letters to Editor



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