Cover Story
People: Denise Ho works hard to please herself

Local pop singer plays hard and works hard at her music.

Campus and Education
New information centre to promote Chinese opera

The Chinese Opera Information Centre has audio-visual collections of this traditional Chinese art form..

Voucher system
Proposal for a voucher system arouses controversy among educationalists.
Scholars debate the merits of voucher systems
Diametrically opposed views are held by local authorities.
Direct Subsidy Scheme may be an alternative
Local schools might benefit from direct subsidies.

Cover story: Denise Ho strives for music quality than quantity

Social Issues
Excessive usage lowers antibiotics' effectiveness
Patients' insistence on taking antibiotics boosts bacterial resistance.
Mental illness among youth
The number of psychiatric patients has been rising due to social problems.

Photo Features
Shalom, but not farewell

Varsity staff photo 2001/2002.
The sixth Radio-controlled Helicopters Competition
Instead of flying real helicopters, hobbyists turn to models instead.
Culture & Leisure: A glass sculptor with 50 years' handicraft experience
Culture & Leisure
How shards of glass are turned into sculpture

A glass sculptor demonstrates this rare art in Hong Kong.
Automatic motor scooter licences

Scooter fans share their driving experiences and their artwork.

Jun Kung: Music is my life

Born into a family of musicians, Jun Kung is a gifted performer.
Tough Taiwanese girl who has lived through many challenges.

Photo Features: Hobbyists realize their flying dreams
Science & Technology
DNA gifts help popularize advanced technology
Digital watermark technology

A young inventor made a scientific breakthrough by adding hidden data into digital media.


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