Jason Ling HKU
Economics & Finance Year 2
Be responsible to your family and those who love you.
Ng Chi Hang HKBU
Computer ScienceYear 3
It will be a pity if you die because the world is so beautiful.
Frederick Kwong CUHK
HMG Year 1
Please regard me as your friend and tell me your trouble. Maybe I can help you.
Management Year 3
Life is precious and you should think twice.

Mike Wong CityU
Computer science Year 2
If you have the courage to die, why don't you have the courage to face the problem?

CSC Year 4
Commiting suicide never makes sense. Tell me your problem; we will find a soultion together.

If you saw a person planning to commit suicide, what would you say?



Photos by Scarlett Shi, Heidi Cheung, Emily Lai, Maggie Lin, Angy Tse
Reported by Cissy Ren, Ma Ka Wa, Chloe Chau, Candy Tong, Jerry Guo