Juliana Yiu

Former actress finds solace in Tarot cards

By Alison So

Alison So
Alison So
Juliana teaches others love. Her hobbies include Tarot cards.


Juliana Yiu, aged 27, is a former actress. She now drives her black car everywhere to tell eager client’s fortunes with Tarot cards.

She has used Tarot cards for only 2 years, however.

Juliana grew up in a broken family and had an unhappy childhood.

“My relatives used to whip me with a belt. They would cover my head with a quilt and would not let me go until I nearly suffocated,” Juliana said.

“My family was very poor. I was sent to a childcare centre. I was sexually assaulted there when I was 7. I did not want to talk to anyone after that. I was very unhappy.”

She gave up her studies after Primary 3. After that, she has worked as a salesperson and a waitress. When she was 15, she joined a singing contest and was given the chance to host a TV show for kids. Later, she released her first album.

She began to gain popularity.

However, she later decided to quit showbiz after five years.

She was not happy in showbiz at all, and she could not work with her manager.

“He even insisted on separating me and my boyfriend, who is my husband now.

“It was impossible for me to do this,” said she.

She then decided to devote herself to Tarot cards.

“I have chosen Tarot because the Tarot cards are easy to carry,” Juliana said. “The pictures are attractive, too.”

Tarot is a set of 78 playing cards. However, there are only 22 pictorial cards used for fortune telling.

Because Juliana did not have a happy childhood, she wanted to pursue spiritual strength as a means to greater happiness.

Juliana said, “Pursuing spiritual strength means that we have to be self-conscious all the time.

“We need to know all the things that we are doing at every moment, so we will not feel insecure.
“I read a book saying that when the shoes fit our feet, we will not feel our feet anymore.

“Therefore, when people’s thinking and living styles are suitable for themselves, they live without many worries. We can then find happiness.”

Juliana said that if she knows what she is doing all the time, she will not think of the past or the future.

Said she: “I desire happiness and satisfaction.

“From learning Tarot and pursuing spiritual strength, I get wisdom, freedom and happiness.”

Juliana said she reached the highest level of spiritual strength after pursuing it for 8 years. She feels happy and she understands the meaning of life now.

Her attitude towards love has also changed.

When she was 18, she fell in love with a rich boy.

He showed her around and met different people.

She widened her horizons. However, she was not happy at all.

“I met rich people and businessmen, but they were all pathetic.

“They lived affluent lives, but they felt insecure,” said she.

Although the rich man gave her material satisfaction, she and her mother did not feel happy. She realized that money could not bring happiness.

Juliana believes that when two people have the same attitude towards love, they come together, just like her husband and herself.

“I fell in love with my husband when I first met him on the street. We saw each other and chatted.

“That was how our love story started,” Juliana said with a smile.

“In the beginning, I did not like my husband. I thought he did not have any plans for his work and always made mistakes. I thought we were very different.”

Later, however, she learnt to love the way her husband behaved.

Juliana will not say that her husband is in any way good, because it will “imply that he is in other ways bad”.

Since Juliana pursued spiritual strength, her relationship with her husband changed with time. She has not argued with her husband for four and a half years now.

They even pursue spiritual strength together now.

“My husband and I do not have a passionate relationship,” she added.

“But I know that I love my husband because he is the way he is. I love everything he is.”

They now have a 3-year-old daughter. They make a loving family.

Juliana loves her daughter.

She believes that love is important if parents want their children to be intelligent.

She added that parents do not need to teach their children before they reach the age of 3.

“I think body language is important to children. We need to feel each other,” she said.

Juliana and her husband like to hug their daughter.

She believes that giving birth to her child has caused her to gain a sixth sense.

“Different from other women, I tried to feel and enjoy that 10-hour pain during delivery.

“After that, I began to see through people with my sixth sense. I know if he or she is good to me. If not, I can be prepared to stay away from him or her. I feel more secure.

“A sixth sense is a feeling. Everyone has it.”

Juliana will be giving classes on the sixth sense. It will be about how to use it in the best way.

She said that she would not teach Tarot.

She said, “Feeling is important for Tarot. I need to use my heart. I can’t teach people how to feel it. People have to find out their own feelings.”

Juliana has a dream.

She wants to start a school where she can teach children to understand and love themselves.

She said, “Children are clever, they know everything quickly.

“However, they need to learn how to love themselves first.”

‘Pursuing spiritual strength means that we have to be self-conscious all the time. We need to know all the things that we are doing at every moment, so we will not feel insecure.’