March 1995



Answer Man

News Analysis

  • Heading to the hustings. Political parties gear up for a test of power in the coming first direct elections for the municipal councils on March 5
  • Blasting the ears. Airport's programming hours - a choice between public rights and economic benefits
  • Getting set for March 5
    Getting set for March5

    Social Issues

  • View from the top. Outcries from victims of housing shortages - the rooftop dwellers
  • Government policies under fire. Social workers and Legco members unite to condemn improper government policies on rooftop dwellers
  • "Smoking or non- ?" A proposed non-smoking section policy for restaurants raises different reactions
  • Photo Features

  • From the rooftop. . . to the ground. Petitions by rooftop dwellers, as told in pictures
  • Calls for rehousing
    Calls for rehousing

    Campus Life

  • Course evaluations in doubt. Students have been given the right to evaluate their lecturers, fullstop. . . . But should this be the end of the work?
  • Declining language abilities. Tertiary students' language problems are not only problems with English, but also Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Culture

  • Funereal fare. Death, that once-in-a-life-time event, is a taboo to many, but some still choose to work close to it
  • Mormonism. Mormonism is not welcomed by other Christian groups
  • Cartooning with feeling
    Cartooning with feeling


  • Drawing irony. Political cartoonists often draw as their mission in life
  • Besides 999. Police establish pager networks as a new method of crime control
  • Science & Environment

  • Systems engineering. "Systems" is not merely an overused word, but one that may lead us to better lives
  • An automatic way of life. Introducing new inventions
  • Students' intelligence. Engineering students make students' projects no bore
  • Celebrity Corner

    Going automatic
    Going automatic