April 1995



News Analysis

Tea shop dessert sales.

Do Chinese tea shops selling desserts need "the big licence"? Yes, says the government

Farewell, My Concubine. . . ?

Diverging views on keeping concubines on the Mainland

Social Issues

Are bus fares fair?

A look at ever-increasing fares and the fundamental problems of the two bus monopolies

Flag day.

On "flag days", most people contribute generously without knowing where the money goes

Photo Features

Doublebass backstage.

Producing a live stage drama is not as easy as it looks

Campus Life

Non-student student unions?

The existence of student unions is not even noticed by some students

Student newspapers.

A look at the challenges and hardships faced by the student press in Hong Kong


Song in a teacup.

Cantonese opera enthusiasts refuse to hear the art form's swan song

The Phantom unmasked.

A candid interview with Phantom of the Opera's Peter Karrie


Keep the pen mighty.

Expatriate Chinese journalist Dai Qing challenges the Hong Kong press corps

Window on China shut.

The folding of Contemporary magazine narrows the political debate in Hong Kong

The new apple in town.

Apple Daily targets the mass audience

Science & Environment

Bacteria turning over a new leaf.

New discoveries in biotechnology put micro-organisms to work for humans

Electronic English tutors.

Give us a break, say English teachers in regard to the new electronic dictionaries

Celebrity Corner


Yes, a photo session and interview with the Swedish duo on tour in Hong Kong