May 1995



News Analysis

Open door for Mainland children. Demand for more one- way permits for Mainland children immigrants

Longing for a better flat. The poor quality of Home Owenership Scheme buildings makes citizens homeless

Social Issues

From street to the Council. An interview with new Legislative Councillor Lee Cheuk Yan

A view of the developing world. Sojourns to developing nations reveal new perspectives on poverty

Photo Features

War or game? War game club provides executives a novel way to take out their frustrations

Not built in a day. Backbreaking labour of construction workers create new towns

Campus Life

Students release original CD. The first CD produced by students is "flying with their songs"

Interview with Chief Kao. Exclusive interview with Chinese University Vice-Chancellor Charles K. Kao


Dream arranger. Director Cheung Chi Leung says love is the main ingredient of his films

More than physical. Hong Kong's young guns make the ultimate effort to reach their goals in sports


It's a small world after all. The global village approaches reality with developments in telecommunications

The busy soap box. Cinplex service and Video on Demand are now available to local TV viewers


Speeding data. Data transmission occurs at ever- increasing speeds on the information super-highway

Regulation or liberation. Industrial nations agree on relaxation of restrictions on the Internet

Celebrity Corner

Singer Eric Moo says he wants to be another Indiana Jones

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