News Analysis

Working for women's freedom

  • According to feminist group, feminism is still in its infancy in Hong Kong

  • Labour unions
  • With increasing unemployment, labour unions talk about their goals

  • Back to Chinese
  • Higher standards of Chinese are now required in the civil service

  • Social Issues

    Dangerous homes on slopes

  • The rainy season troubles to hillside residents

  • Review of New Town policies
  • Traffic congestion in Tuen Mun suggests the government should
    revise its policies
  • Shortage of psychologists

  • As the pressure of city dwellers increases, the demand for psychologists increases

  • Photo Features

    Pray, pray, pray
  • To devotees, their gods are the crystal balls they use to peer into the future
  • Kids at play

  • Let's see how the children play
  • Temporary housing areas

  • This is the way they live

  • Campus life

    Professor Cheng's move to HKU
  • Professor Cheng explains his move from City University
  • Fighting for courses

  • The registration process in several universities is under fire

  • Culture and Recreation

    Gambling with fate

  • Stunt men is essential to movie making, but they rarely get the credit they deserve
  • Tattoo or taboo

  • While some are afraid of tattoos, others treat them as a combination of art and technology

  • Channels

    Meaning behind foul language

  • Singer Wong Chau Sun expresses his discontent through foul language
  • Obstacles for reporters

  • Local journalists are facing more difficulties in reporting news from China

  • Science and Enviornment

    Tradeoff for beauty?

  • Cosmetic surgery may have unpleasant side-effects
  • Pollution index

  • The use of the air pollution index

  • Celebrity Corner

    Ms Anite Ip

  • The popular news anchor shares her views

  • November 1995

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