Answer Man

News Analysis

Police powers challenged
  • Protestors, police struggle for balance of power in protests
  • A successful job?

  • The help offered by the PWC is challenged

    Social Issue

    Family pets
  • While some pets enjoy extravagant lives, others are dumped on the streets

    Voices of taxi drivers

  • Taxi drivers face economic hardship

    Photo Features

    Gone with the wind
  • Top wind surfers Lee Lai Shan and Wong Tak Shum blend their lives with the rhythms of nature.

    Gold Coast

  • The flea market of Montmartre Art Promenade

    Campus Life

    Rock around the campus
  • Band fever is sweeping over the campuses

    Sports across national borders

  • Atheletes treasures the time playing sports oversers

    Culture and Recreation

    Bidding up from $1
  • An anti-inflationary auction stinulates public consumption

    Bitter satisfaction

  • Streets performers torn between business and artistic interests


    Dance Free
  • Modern dancers strive for utopia among constraints

    Stand up, laugh and think

  • Stand-up comedian floods the stage with laughter

    Science & Enviornment

    The terriblr `wolf'
  • A disease that especially targets women


  • Extra land provided, but with adverse effects

    Celebrity Corner

    The Prince - Alan Tang

    January 1996