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  • Besides journalists, many factors affect news selection.
  • Home Alone

  • A queue of 3,000 children awaiting places in daycare centres suggests that government and private efforts are insufficient. Meanwhile, experts suggest enhancing neighbourhood networks as the ultimate solution.

  • Social Issues

    Guarantee for Safer Homes?

  • New security systems installed in public housing estates
  • Gone with the wind

  • How do bike racers feel when motorcycling at speeds of up to 240 km/h? How dangerous is it? Bike racers share their excitement — and fears — when riding “as fast as the wind”.

  • Photo Features

    Walled village

  • Remains of the past : Hong Kong evolved from a fishing willage a world-class metropolis, but a part of old Hong Kong, one of many walled villages, lingers on, a reminder of former times.

  • Waiting

  • Take a look at those interesting faces of waiting...

  • Campus Life

    Purchasing the Degree

  • Students complain of tuition fee hikes
  • Physical Education

  • Is it better to offer physical education courses in a compulsory or on an elective basis at universities? Tertiary students share their views on different systems under which these courses are offered.

  • Culture and Recreation

    Underworld Sightseeing

  • To be a qualified diver is not as difficult as most people think
  • Hands behind comics

  • The flood of Japanese comics directed at youngsters is eliminating the local competition. Can local writers turn the corner?

  • Channels

    Voices in the air

  • Being a DJ — an interesting job title — is a way to become a celebrity. But hold on, friend: It is not that easy to sit behind a mike. In this piece, disc jockeys think about their jobs.
  • PR

  • Doing PR for an artist has its rewards and its drawback.

  • Science and Environment

    Healing those sports injuries

  • Another battle between Chinese and Western medical practice
  • Secrets of magnets

  • Magnetic health products have been on the market for a few years. Yet, not many people question their effectiveness. This piece examines the pros and cons..

  • Celebrity Corner

    Yip Wing-Sie

  • "I always think I'm just an ordinary person."

  • October 1996

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