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October Issue, 1999     No. LI

The cream churns

For years, university students have been accused of being shortsighted and politically apathetic. A series of student movements launched recently shows that university students are willing to speak up about their concerns. Go to article

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Da chai : a long-practised ritual

Da chai is a long-practised ritual in Taosim. Some people believe that through da chai, they can commune with the deceased. Go to article

Shooting arrows on cupid's behalf

When a "better-half" is not in sight, some people turn to matching companies for help. Go to article

Unpopular A-level subjects

A-level subjects like French and English literature are unpopular, but the Examination Authority plans to keep them. Go to article

Allah's follower in Hong Kong

Islam is the religion of a significant minority of Hong Kongers. Go to article

The survival of NGOs

NGOs bear the brunt in this economic downturn. Go to article

Classical music can be popular too

There is a common, but mistaken. belief that classical music is enjoyed by only a few educated people. Actually, people from all walks of life enjoy it. Go to article

Photo stickers - yet more Japanese culture

Like other new Japanese products, photo stickers have become popular in Hong Kong. However, this could be more than a trend. Go to article

A toy testing story

Toys with toxins endanger children's lives. The Hong Kong Government Laboratory determines whether toys are safe. Go to article

The engine behind South China Soccer

Soccer is believed to be the most popular sport in Hong Kong. Being a soccer manager might seem like an interesting job, but it is not as easy and enjoyable one might think. Go to article

A doctor who helps teenagers

Dr. Choi Yuen Wan gave up his career as a doctor to help teenagers. He finds his job now even more rewarding than being a doctor. Go to article


Cover Story: Students movements show that students are willing to speak up. Go to article

Photo feature: Show time - Anyone who has the will to display their talents will find a way. Some find their outlets on the streets. Go to article

People: Being a soccer team manager is a tough job. Go to article

Today's students

It's unfair to compare the students of today with those of the 60's; the times have changed....
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