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January Issue, 2000     No. LIV

he fate of the Hong Kong music industry

Ultimate 903 Commercial Radio 2 adopted a policy of not broadcasting cover versions in 1995. What was the result? Go to article

Time to evaluate
Promoting original music - No single policy wins
Audiences: There is no accounting for taste

Social Issues: 
ost tranquility

The construction of a cargo working area near Tuen Mun made some of the people living nearby angry. However, relocation of the cargo area is almost impossible in the near future. Go to article

Social Issues:
ecycling industries face hardships

Local recycling industries face a lot of problems. It is difficult for them to turn a profit. Go to article

esearchers concerned about local math education

Research shows that students' performance in mathematics weakens as they proceed from Primary 3 to Paimary 6. Educationalists put the blame on the curriculum. Go to article

RELATED ARTICLE: Curriculum reform allows flexbility

ew direction in teritary education

Some local universities have started to offer interdisciplinary programmes, a new trend. Go to article

he deaf tell; others listen

Impressed by the American National Theater of the Deaf in 1986, the Hong Kong Theatre of the Deaf was founded in 1987. Go to article

Candied fruits will survive

There are more and more Japanese chains selling snacks in Hong Kong, but traditional candied fruits stores still find a way to survive. Go to article

Days gone bye

Yucca de Lac have been well-known to the public since the '60s, as many moviews were shot there owing to its fascinating views. Go to article

raze for buses

Some people are much into buses. They collect all the bus models, talk to the bus captains. Some can distinguish the model of a bus by simply listening to the sound of the engine. Go to article

hen walking becomes difficult

For the flat-footed, walking is no easy task. Many are not aware of their flat-footedness until they have a great pain when walking. Go to article 

is real life vs. his reel life

Mr. Lee Lik Chee is a director and a scriptwriter. Besides, he i an optimist and he laughes a lot. Go to article

ound of music: nocturnal version

When night falls, Mr. Chan Man Shui, a Cantonese opera singer, performs in Temple Street. He has been working there for 18 years. Go to article


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Cover Story: The fate of the Hong Kong music industry. Go to article

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Specialty shops: An aura of tradition and antiquity. Go to article

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Science: For the flat-footed, walking is no easy task. Go to article

From the editor:
Local music industry - Who is the doctor?

Letters to the editor

f you could create a new organ in your body, what would it be?

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