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February 2000

If you could ‘un-invent’ one thing so that it would no longer exist, what would you choose?

Photos by Veronica Ho, Tim Lui, Wong Heung Wing, Natalie Siu, Anthony Ip, Kenneth Chow
Reported by  Lauren Lam,
Janet Chan, To Shun Kei, Vien Wong, Larry Chan, Levina Sung

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Law Lok Sang, HKBU, Computers, Year 3:

"I would like to choose the university, since I don't think we need to study in such an institution if it is not for society’s sake."
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Kevin Cheuk, CityU, Computer Science, Year 3:

"Guns. I think people have misused them and abused them.."
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Lee Tak Lam, PolyU, Information System High Diploma:

"The hydrogen bombs is the invention I hate most. During the war, it brought disaster to people and to the environment."

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Esmond Wong, HKU, Biology Graduate

"The cloned sheep Dolly. Although it symbolised the innovative technique of cloning, it is not ethical in my eyes."

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Joanna Poon, CUHK, Medicine, Year 2

"Artificial reproduction techniques. This is because this is not ethical, even though the techniques are advanced."

answer06.jpg (14284 bytes) Leung Ting Kwan, Lingnan College, BBA, Year 2:

"I would choose the computer because for me, the computer is too difficult to use."

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