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February Issue, 2000     No. LV

Survival is not enough

With the changes in society, large and well-established bookstores have to keep pace with the trends in order to meet the needs of the market. Go to article

Corner bookstores - Growth in recent decade
Beyond books - Reading’ new buying patterns

Social Issues:
Commercialism creeps in

Some doctors have listed out their charges in public areas. This practice has raised concerns about possible violations of their professional code of practice. Go to article

Breaking barriers through contact

Some social organizations have launched programmes to eliminate prejudice against mainlanders. Go to article

University ‘to go private’

Shue Yan College is seeking to become a private university. The road forward is hard, however. Go to article

Let’s study

Under a new scheme, disabled students can attend the same lessons as ordinary students. Go to article

Photo Features:
Piers — Witnesses to the growth of Hong Kong

The piers in Hong Kong have their own characteristics. They have always occupied an important position in Hong Kong’ growth. Go to article

Soul healing

Through different art works, art therapy helps participants express themselves and release bottled-up feelings. Go to article

Costume of custom

There are many rituals in a Chinese wedding ceremony. Different types of kwan kwa, or wedding gowns, represent different things. Go to article

New home for stray cats

Wah Yan College took the idea of keeping cats in schools from Cambridge University. The students said that they like the idea very much. Go to article

Alternative tourist attraction

Although Hong Kong is well-known as a concrete jungle, the Hong Kong Tourist Association tells tourists to expect something different in a PR programme called “City of Life”. Go to article

Outbreak of meningitis a concern

There has been a massive increase in meningitis among 18- to 25-year-olds in the UK in recent years. Is this a harbinger for an outbreak of the disease in Hong Kong? Go to article

The ‘cold heart’ behind hot oven

Having worked in front of a hot oven for 25 years, this pastry master is tired of his job. Go to article

The old man and his mottos

Ah Chung, a contemporary Chinese painter, reveals a sophisticated outlook in his vivid paintings. Go to article

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Cover Story: How do bookstores keep up with changes in society? Go to article

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Posting of fees: This practice of doctors raises concerns. Go to article

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Ah Chung: Artist reveals his outlook through his paintings. Go to article

From the editor:
Sex education in school - Don’t wait ’til it’s too late

Letters to the editor

If you could ‘un-invent’ one thing so that it would no longer exist, what would you choose?

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