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March Issue, 2000     No. LVI

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District revamps

Urban planning in Hong Kong follows this simple equation: Knock down old stuff, build new stuff. Go to article

Relocation - Some people not happy with rehousing efforts
Kai Tak’s future undecided - Although some areas of the old airport have been temporarily leased, its fate remains unresolved

Social Issues:
Hong Kong economic review

Experts in economics say that the present tax system in Hong Kong should be reviewed before adding new taxes. Go to article

A stitch in time

The first aid facilities in train compartments raise concern among passengers. Go to article

Waiting for a solution

Parents and teachers find difficulties in promoting reading habits of children. Go to article

Learn from nature

Geography students find learning much more fun by joining a field camp in Cheung Chau. Go to article

Photo Features:
Mornings only

At about 5:30a.m., hawkers go to Boundary Street to sell hundreds of goldfish at discounted prices. Go to article

Artistic values in doubt

While some consider “Lomography”, a new style in photography, full of creativity, some doubt its artistic values. Go to article

Wishing upon trees

A traditional Chinese legend has made people rush to The Wishing Tree In Lam Tsuen to wish for good fortune. Go to article

More than eating

In so-called “shopcafes” and cybercafes, you can not only do business, but also have snacked and drinks and even log on the Net. Go to article

Colour vision deficiency

Five and a half percent of males and 1 percent of females in Hong Kong have difficulty in distinguishing some colours. Go to article

Career ameoba

Factotum Heung Shu Fai has worked in various fields. He reveals what he thinks about the media. Go to article

Prosecutor’s ally

Forensic pathology helps prosecutors find out the truth of many cases. Go to article

Cha Siu Bing

Although many know him as the TV character Cha Siu Bing, Lau Deng was appointed as a district councillor. Go to article

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Cover Story: The redevelopment of old districts in Hong Kong. Go to article

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Lomograph: Snapshots by Lomo are the rage in Europe. Go to article

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Cha Siu Bing: He is not only an actor, but also a district councillor. Go to article

From the editor:
Legco election - Power not to the people

Letters to the editor

What building in Hong Kong is the ugliest?

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