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Varsity is an award-winning monthly magazine created for the tertiary students and faculty of Hong Kong. It is written, edited and designed by students in the School of Journalism and Communication at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The word varsity, like university, means pertaining to higher education. Varsity is available online at http://www.jlm.cuhk.edu.hk/.

Staff of Varsity

Bryce McIntyre

Business Manager
Mark Wong

Louisa Yan

Managing Editor
Jenny Chung

Assistant Managing Editor
Teny Siu

Senior Editors
Periscope - Wong Sze Man
Social Issues - Grace Cheng
Education - Kwong Sum Yin
Photo Features - Irene Chow
Culture - Cran Sin
Leisure - Sarah Leung
Science - Phoebe Lam
People - Tom Ho
Electronic Edition - Michele Tang

Periscope - Alex Chow, Wong Po Kwan
Social Issues - Sophia Wong
Education - Joey Yu
Photo Features - Pete Yeung
Culture - Linda Leung
Leisure - Polly Lau
People - Janice Wong

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