Cover Story
Education & Campus Life: How CUHK will get a new chief.

Students want to have a voice in the selection process of the new vice-chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Education & Campus Life
How CUHK will get a new chief

Plan for an additional university in Hong Kong
The Catholic Diocese plans to combine Holy Spirit Seminary College with Caritas Francis Hsu College into the first Catholic university in Hong Kong.

A proposed 24-hour super bookstore
A proposed 24-hour super bookstore would be successful if it could distinguish itself from the existing bookstores in terms of ambience, according to academics.
Unique reading characteristics
The reading population is relatively small in the Territory, but the level of leisure reading is not low.
Various reasons for low interest in reading

Cover story: Prof. Ambrose King: Not a "black box operation".

Social Issues
Early psychosis
Early psychosis is a common mental disorder among young people. Medication and counseling are the main treatments for this illness.
Flat owners urge tenancy law review
There are "professional tenants" who use various means to defraud landlords, but existing laws do not protect the flat owners.

Photo Features
Trailwalker 2002

In sunny weather, more than 3,600 people joined the annual fund-raising walkathon.
People: Szeto Wah has more passion for education than for politics
Culture & Leisure
How shards of glass are turned into sculpture

A glass sculptor demonstrates this rare art in Hong Kong.
Automatic motor scooter licences

Scooter fans share their driving experiences and their artwork.

Hong Kong's teenage mariner

Peter Yu Chi Lok, the youngest representative of Hong Kong at the 14th Busan Asian Games, tells how he balances his time between practicing sailing and studying.
Being an educator is better than being a politician
Having seen a teacher for over 40 years, Szeto Wah is still more enthusiastic about the career of education than that of politics.

Photo Features: Trailwalker 2002 raised funds for Asia and Africa.
Science & Technology
Slimming shoes
High-sole, low-heel shoes may help in losing weight, but they may also harm joints.
Botulinum Type A

Despite the expense and short-term effects, Botulinum Type A is a common drug used for wrinkle treatment and facial muscle reduction.

Ham radios
Amateur, or ham, radios, are used for communication in remote areas.
Magic behind the scenes
Aside from actors, makeup artists are essential for stage productions.

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