December 2003

Student participation in university v-c
selection process
While some students are blaming the school for inadequate student participation in selecting the new vice-chancellor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, some local students are apathetic about university matters.
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Prof. Lawrence J. Lau
Making the Chinese University a world- class university is top priority, says CU’s new chief, Prof. Lawrence Lau. Read the story

Lee Kin Wo
Lee Kin Wo shares his passion about football. He talks about the ups and downs of his 20-year professional football career.Read the story

Political composer
Paul Lin, local compo
ser, expresses political ideas using music. Read the story

Education and Campus Life
University Health Service
Some students are dissatisfied with the health clinic at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, but the University Health Service director vigorously defends the clinic. Read the story

Village schools
Despite support from parents and students, some village schools will have to close down under new policies. Read the story

Photo Features

Trams are rolling antiques that have been serving us for almost a century. Clanking their way from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan, they provide Hong Kong people with a panoramic view of the city.
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Social Issues
Lenient parenting
Lenient parenting has created a lot of xiao ba wangs in Hong Kong and China.Read the story

South Asian students
South Asian students have difficulties learning Chinese, but knowing Chinese is a prerequisite in entering universities.
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Team Clean
Some $360 million is being spent on cleaning the city, while $100 million was spent on Hong Kong Harbour Fest. More resources are needed to make Hong Kong a cleaner place, says Prof. Anthony Cheung of the City University of Hong Kong.
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Culture and Leisure

Adventure-Ship helps young people with all abilities and promotes social harmony by clearing up misconceptions about the disabled.Read the story

Salsa, a passionate and spicy dance
Hong Kong Salsa Congress was set up to promote salsa dancing in Hong Kong. All ages are welcome to try this hot Mexican dip.Read the story

Film costume designers
Costume designers help to transform directors’ imaginations to reality.
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