June 1995



News Analysis

The basics of the Basic Law . Provision of a course on the Basic Law arouses debate

Social Issues

Expatriate voices . Are domestic workers maltreated?

Photo Features

Jumps in Central. Arms and legs chase the Yin in bustling Central.

Campus Life

Going underground . Funds in support for the mainland will continue - even after 1997

New Youth Magazines . New magazines enter the market with aggression

Adjusting to Hong Kong not easy . Mainland tutors on campus


A strip of art . Nude models tell their experiences; not pornography, but art from the naked bodies.

Michael on the mike . Life would be different without tennis - Michael Chang

Outward bound. . . bound outward . Hard training tells you more about yourself


Besides consumption . Ads should not work only on sales figures, say ad personnel.

Early days of dream factory . Produce a film to offer jobs for some hardship Chinese was a day in the past

Unfailing devotion . A talk with journalist Lu Keng

Loss of Paradise . What does the fold up of Children's Readers tell us?

Science & Environment

Arena for money and environment . Stike balance

Green groups striving for survival. Accepting subsides from polluting businesses or not is a problem; but survival is another.

Celebrity Corner

Mr Footballer - Leslie Santos.

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