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Answer Man

News Analysis

Confused identities
  • Questions of nationality
  • Hong Kong or China?

  • Local residents reflect on their loyalties

  • Social Issues

    Hard times at sea
  • Fishermen face hardships in an industry on the wane

    Pearl of the Orient

  • Hong Kong's visitors travel in different ways

    Thrift stories

  • Selling at low prices helps the needy

    Photo Features


    Performance withiut words

    Come on! Baby!

    Campus Life

    Semi-pros on campus
  • Internet salesman, disc jockey, freelance photog all are students

    Silent no more

  • Women's web provided forum for sexual harassment issues

    Culture and Recreation

    My way
  • Alternative comic writer explain road to sucess

    Faking it

  • Virtual reality lets people explore brave new world


    New age photography
  • Innovations overtaking photographic technology result in better picture

    Silence on the stage

  • A wordless play carrying deep thoughts

    Science & Environment

  • Body odour: Only your friends will tell you...

    Herbivores, unite!

  • Vegetarians extoll the virtures of meatless diets

    Celebrity Corner

    Cheng Yee Kin

    June 1996

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