Answer Man

Is there anything about your
University that disappoints you?

Elsa Leung
Year 1
Computer Science
There are not enough student hostels.
Yan Leung
City U
Year 3
Social Work
No cultural or U-spirit due to the commercial design of school buildings.
Lam Tat Shing
Year 1
Civil Engineering
The studying atmosphere is not strong, and student-lecturer relationships are not close.
Tam Wing Fai
Year 3
The curriculum is too tight, and the campus atmosphere is too materialistic.
Chow Wai Ming
Year 1
The add-drop procedures for courses are too complicated.
Choi Wai Ho
Year 1
Social Science
The remote and inaccessible location causes me problems, and the application process for hostels is difficult.

—Reported by Michelle Chow, Ellen Chan, Fanny Lee, Dephanie Yeung, Emily Ng, Sharon Ng
—Photos by Aries Poon, Belinda Chan, Dora Tang, Amy Or, Eric Chau, Helena Chui

January 1997

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