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Varsity January Issue

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News Analysis
  • China threat
    • Some Americans believe in a "China threat" theory which cautions people against China's emergent military might. However, local political analysts say this perspective is based on overestimations of the potential power of China.
Social Issues
  • Sexual attitudes
    • Surveys reveal that young people's attitudes towards sex are now more liberal compared to those of a decade ago. The number of youngsters having pre-marital intercouse has burgeoned more than 10 times in as many years.

  • Giving hand
    • Society works to aid immigrants from China

  • Hospital life
    • Kids now get special care

Photo Features
  • Cloud nine
    • In Hong Kong's cramped physical environment, people are always elbow-to-elbow. One clever escape parachuting. Parachutists float in the air like soaring eagles without anyone nearby.

  • Mass dance

Campus Life
  • Student activists

  • Three to four years
    • Adding 1 academic year to university study has been argued for several years. The vice-chancellors of Hong Kong's tertiary institutions jointly recommend a 4-year curriculum.

Culture and Recreation
  • Pawn Shops

  • Wild camping
    • Wild camping is fun and healthful if proper preparations are made. Experienced wild campers provide tips on how to have enjoyable trips.

Channels Science and Environment
  • CFCs

  • Allergies
    • Many people in Hong Kong are allergic to things such as pollen, prescription drugs, or dust mites. There is no cure for allergies, and the most effective way to control them is to avoid allergens.


January 1997

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