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                                       “                                     world, so we miss the old times,” Fung

       People see idols from golden age as a cul-                            says. Perhaps, his comment was sung
                                                                             by Cheung in The Wind Blows On(風
       tural icon to represent their own society.                            繼續吹) -  “There were many happy
                                                                             memories in the old days, why not re-
         We always miss the past when a better                               call it together?”

                   future has not yet arrived                                         Edited by Charlie Yip

                                       ”                                       Sub-edited by Hayley Wong

      lody (夕陽之歌) in her very last con-  formed in the 1960s but the band is
      cert in 2003. K-pop stars usually do  still influencing the western world
      not do this,” she adds.            today.  It  is because  it symbolises  a
                                         milestone of world music culture and
                Cultural Icons           a breakthrough in western music his-
        Anthony Fung  Ying-him,  profes-  tory,” he says.
      sor at the Chinese University of Hong   “People see idols from golden age
      Kong’s School of Journalism and  as a cultural icon to represent their
      Communication, says nostalgia has  own society. We always miss the past
      become a global phenomenon.        when a better future has not yet ar-
        “Every society has this phenom-  rived,” he says.
      enon. For example, The Beatles was    “Many problems occur in today’s

                     The Hong Kong Pop 60+ exhibition in The Hong Kong Heritage Museum.
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