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                                                                                is poignant, but there are always oth-
                                                                                er ways to show her love. “I visit her
                                                                                grave every year and write letters to
                                                                                her on her birthday, her death anni-
                                                                                versary and the day she debuted,” she
                                                                                  “I don’t know if she can receive my
                                                                                letters, but  I will keep writing,” she
                                                                                  Yu has been a fan of Mui since
                                                                                2019. Before knowing the diva, she
                                                                                knew nothing about Cantopop.  “I
                                                                                only listened to K-pop in the past and
                                                                                I did not know any Cantopop songs,
                                                                                not even the most famous ones,” she
                                                                                  “My friend sang Unfortunately I’m
                                                                                an  Aquarius  (可惜我是水瓶座) by
                                                                                Miriam Yeung Chin-wah when we
                                                                                were singing karaoke a few years ago.
                                                                                But I totally had no idea what song it
                                                                                was,” she laughs. Yeung was a famous
                                                                                local singer in the 2000s and her song
                                                                                Unfortunately I’m an Aquarius (可惜
                                                                                我是水瓶座) is still one of the main-
                                                                                stream hits.
                                                                                  But the pandemic in 2019 changed
                                                                                her life. As Yu got more time to stay
                                                                                at home, she was granted a chance to
                                                                                learn about her love. “One day, I lis-
                                                                                tened to Mui’s songs on the internet
             Anita is a biographical film about Anita Mui Yim-fong in 2021.     and was quickly taken with her,” she
        lieve  there  is  a  reason  for  me  to  be  infected.                 says.
        born in this era - maybe it is to live   “I think I was born in the wrong   “It is because of Mui that I listen to

        by his values and spread it to others.”  era…it is a pity that I can never meet   more Cantopop songs,” she says. “As a
                                            her in person and take a picture with   Hongkonger, I should listen to more
              From Kpop to Cantopop         her. The old Hong Kong seems a lot   Cantopop and not only K-pop,” she
           While Ellie believes it is her destiny  happier - life was simpler,” Yu sighs.  adds.
        to live in an era without her beloved   Loving someone Yu has never met   Although she still listens to K-pop,
        idol, Heidi Yu, an 18-year-old fan of               “                   she says: “Mui conquers a big part of
        Cantopop Diva Anita Mui Yim-fong,                                       my heart! She cannot be compared
        thinks the opposite.                 The old Hong Kong                  with K-pop.”
           The Cantopop diva passed away                                          “I feel more attached to Mui’s
        in December - eight months after     seems a lot happier                songs, because I can understand the
        Cheung in the same year because of                                      lyrics which were so beautifully writ-
        cervical cancer. Her death made 2003   - life was simpler               ten,” she explains.
        a more sorrowful year as it was also                                      “I  also  love  how  she  shares  her
        the time when Hong Kong was great-                  ”                   thoughts on life during concerts, for
        ly hit by SARS, a deadly disease that                                   example she reminded us to treasure
        killed 299 Hongkongers out of 1,755                                     everything before she sang Sunset Me-
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