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        QR codes inside caps of bottled drinks
        in order to vote for their idols.  The
        video which cannot be confirmed has
        triggered an intense backlash online.
           Responding to the CAC’s cam-
        paign, social media platforms such
        as Weibo and Douban, another social
        media platform where fans gather, an-
        nounced that they will strengthen reg-
        ulations on online fan activities. Ac-
        counts involving in “inappropriate fan
        activities” like hurling abuse, will be
        banned temporarily or permanently.
                Entertainment companies fol-
        low suit. Some companies call for
        rational star-chasing on their official
        Weibo accounts.                     Weibo made an announcement about the cancellation of the celebri-
                Online fan clubs also make   ties’ popularity ranking list in its official account on August 5, 2021.
        similar statements on Weibo and re-
        name their accounts to avoid being  names.                              lar Chinese actress, with more than
        suspended. Words such as ‘fan club’         At the end of August, fan club  2.5  million  followers  on  Weibo  was
        are removed from their account user-  account of Zhao Liying, a popu-   banned  temporarily by  Weibo’s cen-
                                                                                sorship system. Before the account
                                                                                was banned, an online verbal fight
                                                                                broke out between fans of Zhao Liying
                                                                                and another actor, Wang Yibo. Zhao’s
                                                                                fans wanted to remove Wang from ap-
                                                                                pearing in a new TV show featuring
                                                                                Zhao, as previously a TV show having
                                                                                both of them was not well-received by
                                                                                the audience.
                                                                                       Fans then realised self-censor-
                                                                                ship will be necessary to avoid having
                                                                                accounts being closed.   They delete or
                                                                                turn perceived sensitive Weibo posts
                                                                                with abusive words into private posts.
                                                                                Hashtags are also restricted to avoid
                                                                                being identified as “manipulating so-
                                                                                cial media comments”.
                                                                                      “[Sensitive words are] like ‘test’,
                                                                                ‘养乐多’, ‘广场’ (Yakult, square).
                                                                                [These words are usually] used to
                                                                                manipulate social media comments
                                                                                and make up hot topics,” Liao ex-
                                                                                        “I was too lazy to do [self-cen-
                                                                                sorship]. I have too many posts on
                                                                                my accounts,” she says.  After several
           A Chinese Entertainment company, Yue Hua Entertainment, re-          weeks, she finds her account contain-
        leased statement to call for rational star-chasing on August 27, 2021.  ing posts with these “sensitive” words
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