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 founded. He cites wordings such as  of similar cases.  nalists or revokes foreign journalists’
 “incites” and “advocates” in some ar-  Varsity filed a question about the  working visas,” Yeung says. “We did
 ticles of the national security law as  visa application of foreign journal-  not have this in the past, but it seems
 sources of worries, as reporters could  ists after the enactment of the law to  that there are signs showing that this
 be incriminated by wordings such as  the Security Bureau. “In handling  is happening now,” he adds.
 ‘incites’ and ‘advocates’ easily.  each immigration case, the Immigra-  The HKJA, as promised by Yeung,
 Hong Kong ranks 80 out of 180  tion Department  will consider the  vows to speak up and may take legal
 in 2020 World Press Freedom Index  circumstances of the case and act in  action against the government to de-
 as compared to 18 in 2002 when the  accordance with the laws and immi-  fend press freedom.  Yeung adds they
 index  was  first  launched.  Yeung  ex-  gration policies”, the bureau says in a  will also remind their members to
 pects a further decline in Hong Kong’s  written reply.  uphold professionalism to gain public
 ranking in press freedom after the   “This may give foreign journal-  support.
 introduction of the national security  ists an impression that Hong Kong is
 law.   like China which expels foreign jour-
 Yeung points out foreign journal-
 ists are having difficulties in applying   “
 for working visas in Hong Kong. On
 August 25, the Immigration Depart-  Unfortunately, under the national secu-
 ment denied a working visa applica-
 tion filed by an editor hired by Hong  rity law, perhaps journalists can no longer
 Kong Free Press (HKPF).   serve the public, but the government.
 “The government has not ex-
 plained this matter, but it is believed
             Yeung at the annual dinner of the Hong Kong Journalist Association. (Photo courtesy of  Chris Yeung Kin-hing)
 to be related to the law,” Yeung says.   Yeu ng at the ann u al dinner o f the Ho ng Ko ng J ou rnalist Associati o n. (Photo c ou rtesy o f  Chris Yeung Kin -hing)
 He expects to see a rise in the number   ”  The Road Ahead is Lost  journalists can continue to do their  reau says: Any measures or enforce-

        Journalism students are also wor-  duty and serve the public in the fu-  ment actions taken under the law
      ried that the law will have a great  ture,” Chan adds.                 must observe the principle that hu-
      impact on their future career. Lcarus   Allan  Au Ka-lun,  a pro-           man rights including freedoms
      Chan,  a journalism and communi-   fessional consultant of the                of speech, of the press and of
      cation major student of  the Chinese  School of Journalism and                 publication”, the Security
      University of Hong Kong (CUHK)  Communication of CUHK                           Bureau says in a written
      and the president of the CUHK Cam-  and a former journalist                     reply.
      pus Radio says, “To be honest, I may  says, “Some principles have                 “However, the above
      not work as a journalist after my grad-  to be adhered and we should          rights and freedoms are not
      uation,” Chan says.                not scare ourselves at once.”. “If       absolute, and may be restricted
        Citing the arrest of Jimmy Lai,  we practice self-censorship  Allan Au Ka-lunAllan Au Ka-lun by law for respect of the rights
      Chan worries that reporting the truth  out of fear, it is us who are giv-    or reputations of others, and
      may be considered as illegal by the na-  ing up our values,” he adds.   for the protection of national security,
      tional security law.  “I study Chinese   Asked if the national security law  public order (order public) and public
      news reporting as I think it is worth  will affect  journalists doing reporting  health or morals,” the bureau says.
      studying. But it is hard to say whether  duty in Hong Kong, the Security Bu-


                          If we practice self-censorship out of fear,

                             it is us who are giving up our values.

 Chan in a protest in January, 2020. (Photo courtesy of  Ronson Chan Long-sing)
 Chan in a protest in J an uary , 2020. ( Photo c ou rtesy o f  Ro nso n Chan Lo ng -sing)
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