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      Eating Green

      Modern vegetarian eateries are emerging, in
      response to the rising demand for plant-based

      By Hayley Wong

                                                                         Plant-based dish. (Photo courtesy of Years)

           o Chen founded her vegan bub-  sugar. Chen uses oat milk, almond  etarian catering options, especially
           ble tea store in Central in Au-  milk, and hempseed milk to replace  during the pandemic when everybody
     Pgust 2020, the first of its kind in  dairy milk which is used by most bub-  pays more attention to their health,”
      Hong Kong.                         ble tea stores. They are higher in fibre,  she adds.
        “I want to turn bubble tea            anti-inflammatory and contain
      into  something   healthy,                 no lactose.                  Increasing Popularity of Plant-
      homemade and vegan so                          Chen says there is a               based Diet
      that it wouldn’t be a prob-                  rising  demand  for  plant-  According to British Dietetic As-
      lem for my children to                       based  food  options  in  sociation, a plant-based diet is based
      drink bubble tea every                       Hong Kong. “Oat milk  on food derived from plants with few
      day,” Chen says.                            and vegetarian meat brands  or no animal products.
        Chen’s bubble tea does                  have been widely added to       While  only  three  per  cent  of  the
      not contain refined sugar, but   P o Chen  retail and restaurant menus,” she  population in Hong Kong are full-
                                    Po Chen
      natural, low-glycemic alternatives like  says. “I do think Hong Kong has the  time vegetarians or vegans, 34 per
      coconut sugar and lakanto monkfruit  potential to develop further on veg-  cent of the 1,000 respondents adopt
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