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        Periscope                                                               Our Community

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        Crackdown on Private Tu-            Less Tutoring, More Anxiety         A Neighbourhood Comply-
        toring                              Despite effort to ease pressure on   ing with the Trend of Times
        The Chinese government has intro-   school pupils and parents, the Chinese   Tangled up in redevelopment and a
        duced new regulations to cut down tu-  education system remains competitive.  railway launch, To Kwa Wan residents
        toring hours, leading to unemployment                                   find ways to cope with the changes in
        and forcing companies to restructure                                    the old neighbourhood.
        their business models.


                                            A Cantonese Fan from Lon-
                                            Polyglot Grace Njoku learns Canton-
                                            ese by herself and shares her learning
                                            experience on YouTube.

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        Education Unions: The Past,         The Rebellious Game Con-            Hong Kong is Our Home too
        Present and Future                  tent Creator                        The city’s first registered social worker
        What does disbandment of experienced   Ade Zun has surprisingly attracted a   with an ethnic minority background,
        professional unions mean to political   bunch of faithful fans despite refus-  Jeffrey Andrews, shares his experience
        participation and civil society in Hong   ing to create contents appealing to the   in raising a voice for a multicultural
        Kong?                               public.                             Hong Kong.
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