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               hang Lihui started his private
               tutoring  agency  in  August                                  “
        Z2018 after working as a private
        tutor for three years. But his business   I used to have 400 people working for me,
        has been badly affected by a govern-
        ment policy introduced in July.     and now I have to cut 20 per cent of them.
           “I used to have 400 people work-
        ing for me, and now I have to cut 20  Half of my students left, and I have to re-
        per cent of them. Half of my students   fund all the fees to parents, which puts me
        left, and I have to refund all the fees to
        parents, which puts me under finan-               under financial pressure.
        cial pressure,” the 38-year-old private
        tutoring agency founder says.
           Zhang’s agency has six branches
        offering courses that cover all sub-                                 ”
        jects taught in primary and middle
        schools such as Mathematics, English,  reducing homework and restricting  summer and winter breaks. Tutoring
        Physics, Chemistry and so on during  off-campus tutoring for students from  is  only  allowed  on  weekdays  with  a
        weekdays, weekends, and holidays.   kindergarten to 12th grade or K-12 in  limited number of hours.
           His business has been severely hit  July.                              A  government  guide  was also is-
        since the Chinese government rolled    One of the policy measures bans  sued to regulate tuition fees of courses
        out a set of measures known as the  private tutoring agencies to offer after-  for students undergoing compulsory
        “double reduction”, which aimed  at  school classes on weekends, holidays,  education in China.
                                                                                  Zhang says the policy is killing
                                                                                their business. “It is impossible to op-
                                                                                erate if we follow the official guide on
                                                                                tuition fee charges. We cannot make
                                                                                any profit,” he says.


                                                                                     Even big com-

                                                                                   panies like Xin-

                                                                                    dongfang (New

                                                                                   Oriental Educa-

                                                                                 tion & Technology

                                                                                    Group) cannot


          Chinese authorities have introduced a set of guidelines to ease the
           burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring for stu-
                      dents undergoing compulsory education.                                   ”
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