Cover Story
Periscope: "No-kill" policy for abandoned pets

Despite the "no-kill" policy of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to help solve the problem of pet abandonment, other measures are needed.
Pets: Why abandon us?
Lots of pets are abandoned because owners treat their pets as toys or goods, without noticing that pets also have feelings.


Education & Campus Life
Abusers of email services in the universities

Sending junk email to university students can result in fines.
School Village
Government funding is inadequate for operating a new "school village".

  Cover story: "No-kill" policy not enough to curb abandoned pets

Culture & Leisure
Women are starting to play rugby

Playing rugby is not as tough as one might imagine. Women can compete with men on the same pitch.
Crossing-stitching: Painting with thread

Originating in the Middle Ages, cross-stitching is now a popular leisure activity.

Social Issues
A problem to be solved
Jaywalking is one of the main reasons for high traffic fatality rates; however, law enforcement is not strict wnough to prevent jaywalking..
Life behind bars
Life in jail is not as dramatic as in films, but it is nevertheless hard and dull, with plenty of confrontations.

Culture & Leisure: Women are taking up rugby in Hong Kong.
Photo Features
Shadow puppetry

Instead of entertainment, shadow puppetry was first performed to deceive a Han Dynasty emperor, according to legend.

From Oxford, to Nepal, to Hong Kong

With a Ph.D from Oxford University, local English teacher John Welpton explains why he travelled to Nepal and Hong Kong.
Striving for love and happiness
Juliana Yiu has been pursuing spiritual strength because of her unhappy childhood and her experiences in show business.

Science & Technology
Iris-scan ensures tighter security
Iris-scanning. a development in biometrics, is a reliable means for verification and identification of human subjects.
Remote clinlics allow self-examination

With the Telehealth System, people can do a self-help body check.

Photo Features: Shadow puppets may be the oringin of Chinese opera.


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