Varsity November Issue

Answer ManDo you think beauty contest discriminate against women?
News AnalysisThe Frontier
Democrats have new baby...
Life in Hong Kong
Businessmen foresee more chances to make money after the handover
Not a failure?
Sex education policy reviewed
Social IssuesSeeking opportunities
Japanese in Hong Kong adapt to new environment
Home again
Returnees under attack
Sushi threat
New license imposed to regulate Japanes food
Photo FeaturesDiaoyu Island protests
Emotions run high
Rowing Competition
Exciting it is,... excited we are
Campus LifeAlienation on campus
Large class size, lack of time
increase social distance
The Cadets
Students value internship experience
Culture &
Never say die
Cheung Wai-leung's key to success
Pubs --- a place to relax,
to laze the time away
ChannelsMagazine biz
Surviving on a shoestring
Digital video discs expected to
revolutionize information storage
Science &
Back to nature
Feeding without bottles
A new laser process eliminates birthmarks
CelebrityAmy Chan
"I cherish the artistic life"

November 1996

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