Diaoyu Islands protests
Emotions run high

Photos and text by Amy Or

In the past few decades, there has been a trend for most political movements to express their resentment and discontent through demonstrations, rallies or petitions collected by protestors. Since the June 4th Movement, however, there have been few large-scale demonstrations in Hong Kong. The protests aroused by the dispute between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands was an exception. On 15 September, anti-Japanese sentiment reached another zenith: 12,000 people participated in the rally against Japanese government on that day. Though their actions were restrained, their patriotic feelings were nonetheless evident.

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Instead of shouting anti-Japanese slogans, this elderly lady quietly reads pamplets about Diaoyu Islands as her way of supporting the movement. The protest was one of the largest gatherings since the June 4th movement.
Eyes filled with tears, protestor mourns the loss of Chinese territory. The burned flag of Japanese militarism is flying
in the air.
Stepping on the Japanese national flag. Demonstrator shows determination in
reclaiming the Diaoyu Islands.

November 1996

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