March 1998, Varsity Magazine


Fringe ’98
Cultural activities

To promote cultural activites, the Fringe Club organised various outdoor performances at Fringe ’98. Performers danced, played music and mimed under the sun and shared their joy of art with the audience.


News Analysis
Information Code

The Hong Kong Journalists Association conducted a test to see if the Code on Access to Information was well followed. The Association concluded the government has been hiding information from the public.

Social Issues
Drug users at school

Christian Zheng Sheng College provides formal education to ex-drug addicts. Teachers there find satisfaction seeing the students improve. Gaining independence from drugs is the first step for the students to re-enter society.

All work and all play

The Preschool Playgroups Association has introduced a “learning through playing” concept to teach children about the real world. Educationalists and parents find the concept new, but also effective.

Photo Features
Beaches in winter

To escape from stressful lives, people enjoy the beaches’ natural scenery in winter time. In the sand, sunshine and sea, beachgoers seem to find tranquility at the seaside.

Culture & Recreation
Getting married

A wedding is a special event for a couple, but some are making it even more unforgettable. In Wong Tai Sin Temple, in the hills, in ice-skating rinks. . . . What remains the same is the joy of finding a partner for life.


Comics are often criticised for their violence. But in a comic artist’s view, comics express anything which does not happen in reality. This may be viewed more as imagination, rather than violence.

Inputting Cantonese

A new Chinese computer coding system will soon be introduced to the public. Not only does it provide ordinary Chinese characters, but Cantonese characters can also be input.

Prince of Horoscopes

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March 1998

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