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Spin Doctors
After the avian flu came the financial crisis, causing confidence in the SAR's government to plummet. However, experts say that this may be due to a lack of public relations skills on the part of the Chief Executive and the government. 

This month

News Analysis

Pro-Taiwan agencies
It's been nine months since the Handover, but pro-Taiwan news agencies and other organizations still find a home in Hong Kong.

Social Issues

As doubts arise about the accuracy of IQ tests in assessing people's abilities, other "quotients" have come up for more comprehensive assessments.


Chinese medicine
Baptist University is introducing a Chinese medicine course in the 1998-1999 academic year. The University hopes to begin with 30 students enrolled to undertake the five-year degree course.

Photo Features

Kids outdoors
While children have lots of toys at home to play with nowadays, they enjoy themselves under the sun in parks. There, they socialize with other kids, not with products from factories.

Culture & Recreation

Chung King Mansion
Many local people see may see this "mysterious" building as "minority paradise" -- a home for travellers. In fact, Chinese people also share the paradise, living there and doing business.


Making art
Hoping to add flavor to the occasion, the Hong Kong Arts Festival '98 offers a greater variety of programs than past years. The organizer hopes to bring art to audiences from different sectors of society.


Colon cleansing
Some people believe in the curative effects of colon cleansing, while some say that it helps to improve their appearance. If not done properly, there may be undesirable side effects.


Esther Kwan

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April 1998

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