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University canteens
New features

By Eva Ling

Several newly decorated canteens and cafés have opened in universities this year.

They all have unique attractions.

One of the new cafés is the Exchange Caf?at the City University of Hong Kong.

It opened in 1998 and is newly renovated.

According to Miss Jenny Hui, the owner of the Exchange Caf? its attraction is the tailor-made services provided.

She said that some students even hold parties in the caf? She discusses the menu and decoration of the caf?with them.

Another innovative caf? The Cyber Caf? opened in mid-August at The University of Hong Kong.

Its vendor is the Institutional Catering Division of Maxim’s Caterers Limited.

According to the manager of Maxim’s Institutional Catering Division, there are three attractions in the caf?

First is “Veggi Plus? a special corner in the Cyber Caf? It provides healthful foods like salads, and Italian foods like penini and ciabatta.

Second, computers are available for diners to surf on the Internet. Third, music is played to create a light atmosphere.

A canteen at United College at The Chinese University of Hong Kong was opened in September, with ? to 5?as its vendor.

Miss Kevin Kwan, the store manager of the United College Canteen, said, “Apart from the dining area, there is an area for reading and leisure in the canteen.?

A large variety of magazines is available for diners to read in the reading zone.

The leisure zone is opposite the reading zone. There are sofas and cushions for diners to have gatherings.

Unlike most university canteens that ask diners to buy tickets for food, United College Canteen operates on a new approach.

Diners have to pay only after their meals are ready. They then pay the cashier.

Food is another concern of diners.

“We provide more and more cuisine for diners,?said Miss Kwan.

At Cyber Caf? “Diners enjoy a selection of high quality coffee, pastries and healthy food,?said the manager of Maxim’s.

The caf? has in-house nutritionists to plan menus for diners. People who prefer healthful, light meals are especially fond of the caf? according to the manager.

Florence Kwok and Rona Leung, both Year 3 students at The University of Hong Kong, said they like its comfortable environment.

Said they: “We prefer the caf?s design to that of traditional canteens.?/font>

Ken Choi, another Year 3 student, said his main concern is food quality.

Miss Hui of the Exchange Caf?said, “To meet diners?needs, we expanded food variety.?/font>

In addition to Japanese and Western dishes, Cantonese and Southeast Asian specialties are also available. Vegetarian dishes are provided too, said she.

Besides regular meals, the caf?also provides buffets, tea sets, catering services, and refreshments for parties and talks.

Usually, Miss Hui changes the menu every two months.

Both Maxim’s Institutional Catering Division and ? to 5?would like to expand their businesses in tertiary institutions, they said.

Plans for introducing new elements into university canteens and cafés are being implemented gradually.

Said the manager of Maxim’s: “We will gradually bring institutional catering culture into university canteens.?/font>

Miss Kwan of United College Canteen said that ? to 5?may introduce the concept of “food courts?to local universities.

She said, “As students are tired of the traditional style of canteens, we have to strive for something different and innovative to stay competitive.?/font>

They all agreed that this “innovative?trend will continue to grow on local university campuses.




Eva Ling

New university canteens have a more stylish and modern decor to attract customers.













Eva Ling
9 to 5 canteen in United College at The Chinese University of Hong Kong provides light, healthful fare like green salads.