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If you were to live in a certain period or dynasty, what time period would you choose?

Photos by Eva Ling, Dennis Chong, Shirley Lai, Wingki Kwok, Eric Leung, Timothy Ser

Reported by Germaine Choi, Sam Ho, Natalie Yau, Winkie Tang, Arith Leung, James Chen


Paulus Ho, HKUST
Mechanical Engineering Year 3

Distant future. I could see things that I have never seen before.


Tang Chi Keung, City U
Applied Biology Year 1

Ancient Greece. I could know if Jesus Christ was really born 2000 years ago.


Chung Kai Fuk, HKBU
Chinese Medicine Year 1


Han Dynasty. Id like to be a hero like one of those in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.



Ng Yiu Tong, HKPU
Fashion & Design Year 2


Seventies in Hong Kong. The lifestyle was simple; society was less complex.


Jeff Kwong, CUHK
PAC Year 2


Now. I am used to the present life. Itd be hard for me to change my lifestyle.

Ada Chong, HKU
Food & Nutritional Science Year 3


Tang Dynasty. During the Tang Dynasty, China was powerful.