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About Varsity

      Varsity  is an award-winning magazine created for the tertiary students and faculty of Hong
      Kong. It is written, edited and designed by students in the School of Journalism and Commu-
      nication at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The word ‘varsity’ like university, means
      pertaining to higher education.

 10                                                              58

      Our Community                                                                                      36

       32        Missing Accounts                                               Editorial Board

                 Feminist and LGBTQ+ accounts on Chinese social media have
                 been disappeared.
       36        Turning Time into Money and Love                               Advisors

                                                                                Agnes Lam
                 NGOs run time banks in Hong Kong to build social capital in a
                                                                                Martin Wong
                 caring community.
       40        Bullying in Cyberworld                                         Publisher
                                                                                Francis Lee
                 Body shaming on social media platforms is affecting young
                 people’s mental health.
      44          District Council: What Lies Ahead?                            Editor-in-Chief
                                                                                Linn Wu
                  Gloomy outlook for the future of Hong Kong district council.
                                                                                Managing Editors
                                                                                Fiona Cheung
      People                                                                    Eve Lee
                                                                                Lynne Rao
                                                                                Gloria Wei
       51         Illustrations Put Us in Sync                                  Mandy Yim
                                                                                Charlie Yip
                  Illustrator Choi Ming-sum, who goes by the name Choi Sum,
                  shares how her drawings which were only meant to be the
                  chicken soup for her own soul, have now blessed many souls.   Kelly Yu
                                                                                Online Editors
      Photo Feature                                                             Soweon Park
                                                                                Hayley Wong
       58         The Market Never Sleeps                                       PR and Marketing Officers

                  Vendors recall the good old days at the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Mar-
                                                                                Vivian Cao
                  ket ahead of an urban renewal plan that aims to revitalise
                                                                                Reus Lok
                  the market into a tourist attraction.                         Isaiah Hui
                                                                                Coco Zhang
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