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                                                  4                                                      10


                                               4       Cantopop legends live in youngster’s hearts with their intoxi-
                                                       Old is Gold

                                                       cating charms.
                                             10         Virtual Idols, Real Fans

                                                       Virtual idol industry is booming in China, attracting millions
                                                       of fans who chat and play with their idols online.
                              24             16        “Chaotic” Fandom under Clampdown

                                                       Fans have mixed feelings about Qinglang Campaign that
                                                       cracks down many online fan activities.


                                              20        New Blood for Font Design Family

                                                        Hong Kong computer font designers introduce Cantonese
                                                        characters in new digital typeface designs.
                                              24         I Cannot Leave This City

                                                         While more French people leave Hong Kong during COV-
                                                         ID-19, some are determined to stay in their adopted home.


                                                         Emoticon is popular among Koreans for its cute and delicate
                                                         way of delivering emotion.
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